Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sweet Treats

I escaped from my day job today and took a little drive to Barnes and Noble to pick up a book I had ordered. The day is brisk and cool, but I still had the sense of adventure I feel in the middle of a hot August day. Running away from responsibilities (if only for an hour) and riding freely on the highway. Of course everyone knows when you go on a road trip (if only for an hour) you must, absolutely must, have a road snack. Today I induged and got a Hostess Ho Ho.

Artist's rendering: Hostess Ho Ho

Isn't that what makes for a good and satisfying life? Perceiving a trip to the bookstore as an adventure and a Ho Ho as a feast?

And speaking of child-like wonder and awe (which is how I totally felt on my roadtrip), I'm currently reading The Wind In The Willows. For weeks I experienced synchronicity in seeing quotes from the book on a recurring basis. Reading the quotes always left me feeling happy, so I decided to get the book. While it is classified as a children's book, I'm finding it most enjoyable myself. Perhaps this makes me child-like, or perhaps children in 1908 were extremely literate. Whatever, I'm enjoying reading about the adventures of Rat and Mole and meeting all of their friends in the woods and by the river.

I just discovered you can download the entire book here.

My life in a nutshell...Ho Hos and children's books. It's nice to give your taste buds a treat and your mind a wander.

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