Thursday, March 05, 2009

Did You Know - Custom Stuff At Auntie B's

Did you know that not only do I have a fabulous store on, provide brick and mortar shop owners with many of my wonderful items, and travel the countryside showing and selling my wares at various craft and art shows, I can cater to your needs. Your needs.

Yep, Auntie B’s Wax is happy to take on custom orders. I can create a yellow candle with a green apple fragrance. I can give you a grouping of different sized candles, all different colors, all different scents. I’ve made black vanilla-scented candles and blue clove-scented candles for past customers, and I can deviate from the norm for you.

Also included in custom orders are the bottle cap drink charms, pins, and magnets. Are you having a family reunion? I can make bottle cap magnets for the entire group commemorating the event. And wouldn’t it be fun if you were in charge of a class reunion and you could provide everyone with a bottle cap pin with their high school senior picture? How about wedding favors – everyone gets a bottle cap magnet with a picture of the happy couple. I can do it.

If you’re interested in any custom work, please shoot me an email at I can provide the details and an order form for you. If you're interested in a product listing of my always-available items, I can provide that for you too. Shopping has never been easier, and in this economy, I can guarantee you'll get great items at very reasonable prices.

See you soon!

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