Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Autumn Hype

My craft show season is in full swing. The boutique in Maple Grove, MN just closed its doors, and I extend a big thanks to the ladies over there who did a wonderful job displaying and selling so many things. The Chickadee Boutique is booming and Jacci, I promise to get some more candles over there - if I can. Last weekend was my first show, and it was more successful than I could have hoped. The candles were big show-offs, throwing out their fragrances to the passers-by - they are their own sales pitch. The bottle cap products were a smash! Magnets, drink charms, and pins galore. They were flying off the tables! Thank you all, you marvy little customers out there. Your delight in my craft and the fact that you will part with your hard-earned money to actually purchase something I've made makes me very, very happy. It's really cool to know something I made makes someone else smile.

This coming weekend I'm off to Wisconsin for a little sale which, after ten years in attendance, has become my best show yet. Come over and see me at the Bell Tower Residence all you central-Wisconsinites. Charlotte will be there with me showing her fabulous jewelry and I will continue on with the trend of candles and bottle caps, note cards and magnetic note pads.

In the meantime, I'm working on getting sales going through this blog. Maybe someday I'll become the perfect digital photographer and the perfect computer techie and put it all together right here for your convenience.

Thanks again for all of your support, and remember, Buy Hand-Made!

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