Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kicking Off The Holiday Season

The days are flying by. I can't believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the holiday season kick-off.

I can't help but wonder how many of my little trinkets and treasures are bought as gifts for other people. At the shows and fairs people huddle around the magnets laughing at the silliness of them. They pick up candle after candle, sniffing each one, trying to find the perfect combination of color and fragrance. It's shopping season, and it is more than plausible that the purchases made are intended to be Christmas gifts for friends and family.

When I'm in my studio creating and producing between Halloween and New Year's Day I can't help but think that I am creating gifts. Christmas gifts. And every time I'm in my studio creating and producing those Christmas gifts I have one song looping endlessly through my mind. It's a happy little song, one of which I never tire. We Are Santa's Elves, from the holiday TV show Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Because during this time of year, I am indeed one of Santa's elves.

Ho Ho Ho, Ho Ho Ho -- We are Santa's elves!

We are Santa's elves
Filling sacks and shelves
With a toy for each girl and boy
Oh, We are Santa's elves!

We work hard all day
But our work is play
Dolls we try out
See if they cry out
We are Santa's elves!

We've a special job each year
We don't like to brag
Christmas Eve we always fill Santa's bag
Santa knows who's good
Do the things you should
And we'll be you, he won't forget you
We are Santa's elves!

Ho Ho Ho, Ho Ho Ho--We are Santa's elves!Ho HO!

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