Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Art Of Keeping House

You know the old line, "I don't know much about art, but I know what I like." Art is so subjective, and the reasons for liking or disliking a particular work of art or art form are innumerable and unaccountable to the outsider. Someone may like photography better than oil paintings. Someone else might prefer sculptures of stone over metal.

I have a hang-up with mosaics. I appreciate the artform. I marvel at grand mosaic murals. However, I would never buy a mosaic. I would never attempt to create a mosaic. I turn my head from mosaic tabletops and candle holders. Why? It's just my wiring, I think.


Not too long ago I spoke of gaining a more balanced life. This is taking a little more effort than I thought it would, as I'm already finding ways to avoid preparing dinner and not tackling the Spring cleaning chores I had such ambition of completing.

However, I did manage to clean the bathroom the other day, several days overdue I might add. The accumulated dust and soap scum made for a messy job, but I managed to get everything to its intended sparkly appearance. As I was wiping down the tile with my 409-soaked diaper rag I made a mental note to take extra time some time soon to clean the grout between the tiles. It's not such a difficult job as it is time-consuming.

As I tried to figure out when I could spare such an enormous chunk of time to clean the grout in the bathrooms of my home it dawned on me: this is the reason I don't favor mosaics. The small tiles. The grout. The dirt-grabbing grout.

**The trumpets sound and Sara sees the light**

I figured out that mosaics give me a subconscious message to clean my bathroom more often and more thoroughly. Definitely something I don't look for in a piece of art.

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