Friday, October 24, 2008

Crunch Time

October was supposed to be my big production month. I didn’t get nearly as much done as I planned. That makes me very sad. So I decided to take matters a little more seriously and am taking a mini vacation from my day job to concentrate on business production and maybe even a little housework.

Today was the first day of my little vacation and how productive I was! I spent the entire day in craftland and poured hot wax all day long. I made four bayberry candles, four raspberry fudge candles, two pecan pie-scented candles, one giant vanilla toffee crunch-scented candle, and two beeswax candles. When Husby came home from work he thought I had been baking all day from the smell of things.

Being fourth quarter and all, I’m doing my best to use up little dribbles of fragrance oil and remelt shopworn candles. I try to leave craftland fairly empty at the end of the year in order to make way for lots of new and exciting ingredients and supplies. Interesting fragrances like raspberry fudge most likely won’t be replicated in the future as I combined a small bit of fudge brownie fragrance oil and an equally small bit of black raspberry vanilla fragrance oil. Those two empty fragrance oil bottles have gone into the garbage, making space for something new for 2009. I suppose I should wait and see what the response to my specially concocted raspberry fudge candles is before I abandon the idea of ever making them again.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at it again, in craftland that is, completing a wholesale order. I also have plans to work with the bottle caps, and I might even throw in a load of laundry. Ain’t the weekend grand?

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