Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Enjoy The Noises

Oh the busyness of it all! This is the first year I've tried to juggle an online store, all the usual boutiques, stores, and shows I do, and a blog during the holiday season. Seems the blog suffers the most.

I've been busy finishing up some custom orders; when they're done my production year is done. Wow, that gives me a two-week vacation from candle making! I don't know if I'll be able to stay away from it for that long.

I've also been scurrying around entertaining, shopping, gift wrapping, baking, and all the usual holiday stuff. Husbie and I try to sneak in a Christmas DVD now and then. Still on the list of things to see is Polar Express, A Christmas Carol, and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

In the way of holiday cheer we've been out and about to many holiday concerts. Paenney and Fojo presented us with their school band concerts, which were fabulous as usual. Fojo made the entire 8th grade band look festive with his Santa hat, and Paenney, well, he's got to watch what he's doing while he's not playing his horn. Black Jack is not an option! (I say that as an adult auntie. I used to know kids like that in high school and I always thought they were the ones having the most fun. I was right!)

Paenney was also a participant in the St. Paul edition of Tuba Christmas. What a fabulous show. Christmas carols played by a band comprised entirely of horns from the tuba family. Tuba Christmas is presented all over the country, and I would highly recommend listening to their annual concert. It's quite breathtaking. It's also quite a lot of fun.

For me, music makes the holidays. A little Bing Crosby singing White Christmas, a little Nat King Cole singing The Christmas song, and a group of a hundred or so tubas playing Jingle Bells. You just can't beat that.

(The preceding video clips are examples of the Tuba Christmas concert played in various cities across the United States.)

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