Thursday, April 02, 2009

In The News

Hooray for Auntie B! Seems my little votives will be part of a welcoming gift bag to all the anglers who partake in the Governor’s Fishing Opening on White Bear Lake next month. So nice to be included. So busy I will be in the next couple of weeks!

Busyness is the key to business. So far this year I’ve been quite busy, both with production and planning. In fact, the summer is fast approaching and I have yet to approach some prospective wholesale customers – customers who thrive on summer tourists. My planning has been lagging behind production. Looking from the other side of things, if I’m this busy producing, maybe I don’t have room to squeeze in more customers. What?! Impossible! There’s always room for more. And there will be no squeezing. All of my customers get my utmost attention.

Also in the news, I’ve become a contributing author on the HandmadeMN blog. For now I’ll be focusing on the Etsy shops run by various Minnesota artists and crafters. Check out the blog and the many talented people who make HandmadeMN happen.

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