Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today's Weather: Rainy And Sad

Today is one of those gloomy, rainy days I love so much. Never mind the little tornado warnings a mere 12 miles from me. It's dark and dank, perfect candle weather. And because I didn't have much to do today during my hours at the day job, I decided to get caught up on some greatly backlogged blog reading.

Sadly, it seems people's lives are as gloomy as the weather. In the blogosphere and in real life people are sick and dying, or it's the anniversary of one person's death or another. You can tell me all you want about how "to everything there is a season," blah blah blah. It's just downright depressing and assigning the logic of nature and/or of God (if you can assign logic to God) doesn't make things any more cheerful.

Despite the fact that I am down in the dumps with the anniversary of my brother's death, the news of a friend's mother's death, a terminal illness in Husby's family, and reading nonstop about blog friends who are dealing with death and dying, the rainy day is still my favorite kind of day and I'm determined to cheer myself up with it.

So I took on a project...

Cathe, author of Just Something I Made, has become my new secret blog girlfriend. I could read her blog for hours on end. The other day I found a project I thought I'd like to try, and so today, in my despair of grief and loss, I followed Cathe's tutorial on transferring images to little wooden nickels. You can find that tutorial here. It works! Plus the blending pen smells really good.

While I have no pictures of my project (I really must get a camera phone!) you can believe me when I say Cathe is onto something here. It's really fun, it is a magical process, and the possibilities for this technique are endless. Even if you don't want to take on the project, go see Cathe's post and see how cool this is.

Thanks, Cathe, for making my day a little brighter. Nothing cheers me up as much as a happy craft project on a rainy day.

1 comment:

Cathe Holden said...

You are so welcome, thank you for making MY day!

The sun will come out tomorrow.

Take care, and thank you again.

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