Monday, October 12, 2009

Cyber Saturday

I spent my entire Saturday on the computer. What fun! I'm usually so preoccupied with production I lose sight of what needs to be done in the way of promotion and research. Besides, after a late night out with friends I was in the mood to just sit and do screen work rather than physical work (read: housework). I did manage to tackle one chore. The mattress is now soft and warm with the winter featherbed. It's like sleeping on a cloud! Flannel sheets to enter soon.

The Halloween bottle cap magnets are once again avilable at the shop. Soon I'll be offering deals on multiple purchases. You'll be able to choose three, six, nine, or a dozen bottle cap magnets with a savings of up to $12! Stay tuned for that. For now, feel free to check out what's available individually. If you're interested in purchasing multiple magnets and the listings aren't available, please contact me directly and I'll make sure the nice lady behind the cash register gives you your discount.

Top (left to right): Richard Scary, Horror Story, Jackie O

Middle (left to right): Moonie, Boo Who, Jacks or Better

Bottom (left to right): Fraidy Cat, Peek A. Boo, Mockingbird Lane

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