Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Who's Got The Button?

Now that the holiday gift-buying season has passed, I have a chance to catch my breath and take a small hiatus from pouring wax and producing other products for sale. But the creative mind needs to keep active. I'm continuously thinking of new ways to create candles as well as to promote them. But while Auntie B's Wax has an emphasis on hand-poured candles, I also like to putter with other creative tasks. Playing hands-on with a new project not only makes a lovely project in and of itself, it also keeps the creative juices flowing.

With a plethora of fabric scraps, I decided to try my hand at covered buttons. This is such a fun little project, easy and quick. Button covers and covering instruments are readily found at fabric stores or anywhere sewing notions are sold. All you need is some tiny little fabric scraps and you can create fun buttons like these:

These things are so cute! I can't wait to make more. I'm thinking of ideas of how I can use these buttons, or turn them into something into something other than a button.

One idea is to snip off the shank of the button and glue a tack onto the back, making the cutest push-pin you can imagine. Another to glue a button magnet onto the back for a homey-looking refrigerator magnet. They can become embellishments on candles, candle holders, and mirrors. Leave the shanks on to embellish pillows or table cloth edges.

Because button covers come in many different sizes, the possiblities are plentiful. I love how ideas spring from the simple act of playing with a new project.
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