Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jennifer Ladd

Here's a toast to my neighbor in Wisconsin. Jennifer Ladd has adorable baby booties and really cute clutches and wallets in her shop. Great choices of fabrics, and excellent craftsmanship. Way to go Jennifer! She's Neato Stuff's shop of the day.

(Pictures provided by Jennifer Ladd)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lunarra Star

This is a shop I can get behind. Very unique gifts for the fairy tale lover. I love the vintage feel to it. Hurray for Lunarra Star! (It's Neato Stuff's shop of the day!)

(Pictures provided by Lunarra Star. I would totally suggest going to the shop to see more detailed versions!)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Strange Child

Today's Neato Stuff featured Etsy shop is Strange Child. Interesting creatures, imps and spiders to be exact, fill the shop with a delightful whimsey. See what you can find. Some of them even glow in the dark!

(Pictures provided by Strange Child)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

C Things

Take a look at this cool jewelry. It's sold at C Things (short for Cindy's Things), and I think the whole shop is dazzling. Stop by her shop and look around. No wonder it's Neato Stuff's shop of the day. If you can't find anything for yourself, you'll surely find something for your friends. Christmas is coming...

(Pictures provided by C Things)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Glitter Star Designs

The Neato Stuff featured shop of the day is Glitter Star Designs. You can find all sorts of fun jewelry made out of things like buttons and...duct tape? Yep, duct tape. Check it out.

(Pictures provided by Glitter Star Designs)

We Didn't Need Mr. Bubble, We Had Mom

Cleaning the bathroom is an new and ongoing source of angst for me. I can't seem to keep a routine of it and it therefore falls into a state of such disgust I can barely stand it. As I was scrubbing the tub, yes scrubbing (you shouldn't have to work that hard, should you?), I was playing the Mr. Bubble song in my head. You'll remember it if you are as old as I am, and once it gets in your head you'll never get it out.

The song played repeatedly in my head and as I scrubbed away I recalled that I never understood what a "bathtub ring" was. Way to go Mom! I never saw a bathtub ring in my childhood home. And we didn't even use Mr. Bubble!

Mr. Bubble was way too fancy for the likes of us, but the commercials were the best. Here's another one that stuck with me, and many of my generation, throughout the years. Who doesn't refer to Madame, how do you doooo? at least once in a while. Oh, and just so you aren't too grossed out, my bathroom is sparkling clean...for now.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Sounds

The wonders of the internet. I would have never discovered this treasure without it. Here's a group of musicians who are so full of talent and whimsey I just needed to spread the word. I'm even going to put the CD on my Christmas wish list. Have you ever heard anything that sounded so...happy? I love these guys!

Craft Pudding

There is nothing more fulfilling than simplicity, and today's featured shop fills me to the brim. Craft Pudding makes hand-carved rubber stamps and also can provide you with stickers or tags with her simple, yet adorable designs.

(Pictures provided by Craft Pudding)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Greencard Designs

Clever, contempory, cheeky, and colorful greetings from Greencard Designs. She's got locker notes, blank note cards, invitations, announcements and much more. These are handmade and today's featured shop, here and at Neato Stuff. What fun!

(Pictures provided by Greencard Designs)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Moody Girl Aromatherapy

The Moody Girl has it all, and it will put us all in a great mood! What fun bath products, from Moody Mud to Bath Taffy and Bath Icing. And such wonderful aromas! Take some of these into the bathroom with you and you'll never want to come out, except to show off your glowing skin and wonderful mood! Moody Girl Aromatherapy is Neato Stuff's featured shop today, and boy oh boy, I'm tempted to go and gather up some goodies. Come on, I'll race ya!

Good Vibrations-Orange Ginger Aromatherapy Dough

Solid Bubble Bath-Lavender Mint

(Pictures provided by Moody Girl Aromatherapy)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Breathing Deeply

I’ve been spending so much time promoting other wonderful Etsy shops I haven’t taken time to sit back and write about myself. I know I presume to think my little corner of the universe is of any importance, or even interest, but that’s the business of blogging after all.

Auntie B’s Wax is in the midst of the holiday season now, even though it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. The Chickadee Boutique carries some of my wonderful candles and drink charms now through the first weekend in December.

The Farmer’s Daughter will be restocked regularly with holiday magnets and pins, as well as deliciously scented candles made of paraffin, palm wax, and beeswax. There are also a handful of fancy match holders that can double as votive cups. Lots and lots of stuff. I can’t even think of it all! You’d do better to go to these cheery venues to check it out yourself, or come and see me at the Century College craft show on December 4. I’ll have a bit of everything there too.

I have to confess my preoccupation with production has made me a bit chaotic and twirly. This evening is the first I’ve had in a few weeks where I haven’t had to push myself to complete one thing or another. I feel like I ought to be doing something instead of sitting in my fluffy chair with a cozy lap shawl covering my legs and feet, a collection of candles burning on the hearth, and leisurely writing the story of my life. It’s just so…relaxing. Isn’t wrong to be in the midst of the holiday selling season and be so…relaxed? Well, wrong or not, I’m going to revel in it for now. I’ll return to chaotic and twirly tomorrow.

Note to self: Tomorrow when you're back to chaotic and twirly, try to update the shop!!

Note to readers: Stay tuned for online shop updates.

Little Pink Plum

I just love these little trinkets! Pocket mirrors, with the cutest designs. Today's featured shop is Little Pink Plum. What a great place to pick up some holiday stocking stuffers. You can find Little Pink Plum featured on Neato Stuff today too. Take a peek...

(Pictures provided by Little Pink Plum)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


What a weird name, huh? The owner of Shupg says you can send her a convo through Etsy to find out what it means. Shupg carries cute and different jewelry, all handmade in Singapore. It's Neato Stuff's featured shop today!

(Pictures provided by Shupg)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Renewed Resources

What's better than recycling? Today's Neato Stuff featured shop is Renewed Resources, which specializes is repurposed objects and recycled bits of nature.

Cool supplies for your craftland at home. Check them out today!

(Pictures provided by Renewed Resources)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Zeba Collection

Listen up boys. If you want to give your girlfriend or wife some really unique jewelry this holiday season, look no further than the Zeba Collection. And girlies, you've got moms and sisters and BFFs that need some cool jewelry too. Check it out:

I love this stuff!

(Picture provided by the Zeba Collection)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Unique Garden

NeatoStuff and I are proud to present Unique Garden. When I took a look at this shop it made me want to buy every product she offers! Not only do the products sound so wonderful for your skin and entire body, they're also great environmentally. All of her ingredients are entirely natural, and she even grows the herbs and flowers used in the recipes! What a woman. What a store. What a wonderful collection of body care products!

This is Cleo's Bath Blend, a tribute to Cleopatra who used to bathe in milk and perfume her body in lavender. Sprinkle some in your bath for the same luxury.

Here is a face and body scrub that claims to be the most luxurious ever tried by the maker herself. Rejuvenating, soothing, moisturizing, and restorative. Who doesn't need this stuff?
(Pictures provided by Unique Garden)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Threaded Goodness

The keeper of Threaded Goodness keeps crochet in her list of passions. Check out her shop and find out why it's been featured today on NeatoStuff.

(Pictures provided by Threaded Goodness)

Friday, November 14, 2008

It Is Later Than You Think

I try to be upbeat and positive, especially on this little blog. As a person who's heading up a small business, I like to present a bright and cheery disposition. I use the Crabby Quilter as a reminder of how ugly and non-lucrative being a downer can be. The Crabby Quilter is a person who has wonderful quilted items such as wall art, pot holders, oven mits, appliance covers, and yes, quilts. She does beautiful work. When I wanted to chat with her for a minute and give her praise for her efforts, she snapped at me, saying she doesn't get enough money for the things she sells because the time it takes to make these things isn't even taken into consideration. Crabby. And too bad for both of us, her grouchy mood made me want to never buy anything from her as long as I live.

The point I'm trying to make here is that I don't want to turn people off with complaints. Except, well, I'm human and this blog is to give you a little insight into my life, right? Maybe not, but it's my blog and I'm feeling especially dangerous today.

I've spread myself too thin and feel just horribly about it.

There. I said it.

There are people who disagree with me and say I'm doing just fine. I've got wares at several stores and boutiques, I'm doing shows, and I'm filling custom orders, and I have an online shop. But I feel like I should have more at the consignment store, be quicker about filling those custom orders, and update my shop more often. None of that takes into consideration my blogging time, of which I feel I have very little. I want to take some photos of my candles. I want to fill the consignment store to the rafters. I want to update my shop every single day. I want to have a turn-around time of sixty seconds with custom orders. I want to be the single most fabulous retailer this holiday season!

My complaints have nothing to do with customers or about how much I get paid for my work. I love my customers and I'm ever grateful that people think my wares are worth the price tag I attach to them. My complaint is the same one many people have, from stay-at-home moms to corporate executives, from students to seniors. There just isn't enough time in a day.

Since when did I have so many aspirations and so little time?

Mary Zoom

Mary Zoom takes me back to the days when women kept house and kids got messy. I just love the retro feel to her items, and yet it's all so fresh. Mary Zoom is today's featured shop on NeatoStuff, and I can see why. What isn't neat-o about glamorous rubber gloves and fashionable smocks for kids? Great shop, Mary!

Remember when you wore your dad's old shirts, backwards, when you worked with finger paints or Play Doh? Mary's got it going with her repurposed kids smock. Mine were never this cool!

Yes, I do believe cleaning the toilet might be a tad bit more enjoyable if I wore these fashionable accessories!

(Pictures provided by Mary Zoom)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Purple Daisy Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is where it's at. I just love vintage costume jewelry and Purple Daily Jewelry is the place to get it. There are so many fun things in this shop, and it is featured today in NeatoStuff. Dazzle everyone with retro rings and peachy pins. She's got a lot of everything from earrings to necklaces to bracelets. What a great shop!

(Pictures provided by Purple Daisy Jewelry)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Art Comes In Many Forms

This is priceless. It's the beer lover's symphony. I especially like how the conductor is so tickled at the song's completion.


Come on over to Norakaren where you can buy something to make a truly remarkable fashion statement. This artist is featured today on NeatoStuff, and I can see why. Wow!

(Pictures provided by Norakaren)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


What a weekend! I spent it in America’s heartland, central Wisconsin, at the Bell Tower Residence Craft Show and Bake Sale. What a successful show it was, not only for me (yay!) but for the residence too. I’ve been doing this show for at least twelve years, and it’s gotten better and better every year. I’m established! Plus I got to meet a very wonderful customer in person, which is always great. Hi G!

It was also a weekend for family. My entire family (sans Husby-it’s his bachelor weekend) spends the weekend working the show (me and Charlotte), touring the town in which my parents grew up (my dad, Pinky, Paenney, and Fojo), and doing a little shopping around town (my mom and Her Sister). We all stay in various rooms of a motel and just party our little hearts out in the evenings. OK, to put that in perspective, “partying our little hearts out” equates to eating snacks, drinking pop, and watching cable TV. Believe it or not I’m the only one in my family that has cable TV. The Food Channel, HGTV, and Turner Classic Movies are quite the treat for those locked into network TV.

Today just added to my good mood. During the Veteran’s Day holiday I poured some wonderful Buttermint Candies candles, as well as some Pumpkin Pie Spice candles. You’ll be able to find those at The Farmer’s Daughter in White Bear Lake. I also worked on an order which will soon be on its way to the East Coast. I’ll have more on that story later.

I haven’t been in this good of a mood in months. I don’t know if I’m anticipating the holidays, if I’m pleased with my business success, or if I’m just feeling mushy about how much I love everyone in my life. My music choices today didn’t hurt. CDs that filled my day were Mike’s Oldfield’s Islands, Neil Diamond’s 12 Songs, and Jean Michel Jarre’s Equinox. Today is simply filled with an overabundance of wonderfulness. It’s great to be me!

Craftily Charms

Craftily Charms is a relatively new shop in Etsy, and most wonderful! NeatoStuff is recognizing these terrific sterling silver charms and the amazing artist who makes them. She also has a blog!

(Pictures provided by Craftily Charms)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Paintings By Jude Maceren

Today's featured artist on NeatoStuff has an amazing eye for color. The paintings are so vibrant and alive with a tropical feel. Prepare for a visual feast and check out Jude Maceren's shop.

(Pictures provided by Paintings By Jude)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Baby Makes Three

Charlotte, you are gonna love these. And so does NeatoStuff. Tutus for babies! Baby Makes Three makes the most adorable tutus fit for a princess. What a fluffy and fabulous Christmas gift for your little darling!

(Pictures provided by Baby Makes Three)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Beautiful Twists

Check it out. Beautiful Twists not only has great goodies for your body, the descriptions of her products tell little stories! Ella Dean is today's featured shop at NeatoStuff, and at Auntie B's Wax.

(Pictures provided by Beautiful Twists)

Friday, November 07, 2008

Random Scraps

I dropped the ball on Thursday's featured artist on NeatoStuff. And I'm sorry I did. But Random Scraps has a shop at Etsy that's available all the time, so just because I wasn't paying attention doesn't mean you can't go see the cute things she has.

I just love the different look of her cards and albums. What a great place to shop!

(Pictures provided by Random Scraps)


This is the first installment of The-Great-NeatoStuff-Promotes Etsy-A-Thon on Auntie B’s blog. There’s just too much wonderfulness in this project I can barely begin to explain it. But that’s never stopped me before.

NeatoStuff is featuring several Etsy shops on its site as their Site Of The Day. The NeatoStuff site is a great place to look for gifts or to find for cool stuff for yourself. Neato stuff, actually.

We're all in this together, so I'm going to spotlight Neato's Site Of The Day on this blog. Why? Because I think NeatoStuff is a fun site, and also because millions of shops in Etsy are really wonderful. They deserve recognition and I’m going to give it to them.

Today’s featured shop is GoGo Kioko. Here is a sample of what you can find:

Go Go visit her shop today!

(Pictures provided by the GoGoKioko shop)

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