Monday, November 24, 2008

We Didn't Need Mr. Bubble, We Had Mom

Cleaning the bathroom is an new and ongoing source of angst for me. I can't seem to keep a routine of it and it therefore falls into a state of such disgust I can barely stand it. As I was scrubbing the tub, yes scrubbing (you shouldn't have to work that hard, should you?), I was playing the Mr. Bubble song in my head. You'll remember it if you are as old as I am, and once it gets in your head you'll never get it out.

The song played repeatedly in my head and as I scrubbed away I recalled that I never understood what a "bathtub ring" was. Way to go Mom! I never saw a bathtub ring in my childhood home. And we didn't even use Mr. Bubble!

Mr. Bubble was way too fancy for the likes of us, but the commercials were the best. Here's another one that stuck with me, and many of my generation, throughout the years. Who doesn't refer to Madame, how do you doooo? at least once in a while. Oh, and just so you aren't too grossed out, my bathroom is sparkling clean...for now.

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