Monday, February 25, 2008

Midwest Art Fairs

My copy of Midwest Art Fairs arrived last week. When it arrives I get excited for a new year of craft show and boutique adventures. For anyone in the midwest looking for venues to sell hand-made crafts or fine art, this publication is invaluable. It's also a fun resource for people who like to shop at art and craft shows.

The other night I spent some time with the catalog and my calendar. I have a hard time setting a budget for registration fees, and very often there are more than one show I'd like to attend on a given date. So many decisions! Luckily I have a few weeks to choose summer shows and a few months for the fall and winter shows.

Of course once I register for the shows of my choice I have to wait to hear the jury's verdict on my presentation. If I make the cut it's all over but the days filled with meeting customers and other artists at the shows, and of course selling my wonderful products.

So go out and pick up a copy of Midwest Art Fairs if you live in the Minnesota/Wisconsin/Iowa/Illinois/North Dakota/South Dakota area. Whether you're selling or buying, you will be sure to find the perfect venues. I'll be sure to post my art and craft fair schedule on this site.

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