Monday, June 02, 2008

Do You Twinkle-Bell?

Some people call it New Age music. In my family, it’s referred to as Twinkle Bell music. I fell in love with Mike Oldfield in the late '70s, with Jean Michel Jarre in the early ‘80s, and just recently with Tangerine Dream.

The music takes me back to parts of myself that go missing once in a while. It takes me forward and gives me visions of what can be. It reminds me of Dig, which sometimes makes me sad, but at other times happy for the mutual attachment we have for Twinkle Bell music.

You don’t have to be a hippy to dig it. You don’t have to believe in crystals or homeopathy to lose yourself in it. Be careful of imitations. Be aware of emotional upheaval – sometimes when listening to the Twinkle Bell you’ll find yourself crying for no apparent reason, and then just as suddenly, you’ll be smiling like the sun.

Here is a very limited list of excellent Twinkle Bell music recommended by Auntie B:

Mike Oldfield:
Tubular Bells

Jean Michel Jarre:
Les Chants Magnetiques

Tangerine Dream:
Tangents 1973-1983

Fly away...

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