Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summertime Candles

My friend Charlotte told me the other day how much she loves summer nights...even more than summer days.

Tis the season for gatherings of friends and family at the beach, the park, the cabin, and of course your own back yard. You've got burgers on the grill and a washtub full of refreshments buried in ice. Stories are told and laughter rises into the night.

Add to the festive evening ambiance an abundance of colorful candles! Scatter pillars on the picnic table. Burn votives and t-lites inside plain mason jars. Anchor tapers in sand-filled terra cotta pots.

And don't forget the stormy summer evenings. Thunderstorms give the perfect backdrop for cozying up inside with candles and a good movie. If the weather puts the power out, who says emergency candles have to be drab and scentless?

Winter and the holidays aren't the only appropriate times to burn candles. Take advantage of summertime colors and scents to make your warm evenings more festive. With the small flickers of light about your back yard it will seem the stars have come down to earth. No wonder Charlotte loves summer nights.

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