Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Let's Have A Party!

Charlotte and I are in the midst of planning our parents' 50th wedding anniversary party. It's taking precedence over production for my shop and the upcoming fall craft show series I'm building, but proves to be a creative venture in itself.

I finished making the invitations last night. I've made note cards before, so it wasn't an entirely new venture. However, instead of printing the scanned wedding picture directly on the card stock, I made several copies of the photograph on photo paper and attached them to the cards with little black photo corners. This gives the cards a vintage feel, as well as providing the guests with a removable photo of the guests of honor.

I'm also making party favors for the guests. The guest list is limited to the wedding party, so it's not a daunting task. Each member of the wedding party will receive a bottle cap magnet with their image as they appeared in the wedding. So cute!

Both of these projects have inspired me to add new products to my line. Bottle cap magnets have been on the market for a while, although not in my shop. They will be up as soon as I get around to taking pictures. And photo cards? Yeah, it's been done before, but what a fun project. I know Charlotte has been thinking about a line of those herself. She better get busy or I'll beat her to it. Perhaps a joint venture...

And guess who's turning @* this week? Yes, it's my birthday on the scariest day of the year, 08/08/08. (OK, not as scary as 06/06/06.) Happy birthday to all you other Leos out there!

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