Saturday, August 23, 2008

New This Fall

Believe it or not, I’m sitting here watching Wayne’s World, typing on my NEW LAPTOP COMPUTER! Yes, I finally bit the bullet and depleted my secret stash for an Inspiron 1525, with a bunch of GBs, MBs, MPGs, IUDs, and other initials for things of which I have no idea. If you know for a fact I made a huge mistake, don’t tell me. I tried to make an educated purchase and did the best I could. It seems to be working okay, except I can’t seem to get onto the internets yet. I screwed up something with McAffee and I just don’t have the energy to check into it. Maybe sometime next month.

Things have been hectic both in and outside of my head. After spending a relaxing time at the lake we jumped right into Minnesota State Fair season. Twelve days of nonstop fun and excitement. Well, for me it will be six days of fun, as I can’t afford to spend twelve whole days at the fair. Someday. I should just go out there and get a job. Or perhaps have a space in the Merchandise Mart or Grandstand selling my wonderful candles and other ephemera.

As the fall craft show season approaches I’ve been busy pouring candles, filling wholesale orders, and the frillion other things necessary before I go “on.” You’d be surprised how much time it takes just to package and price the inventory.

But you don’t want to hear about how busy I am trying to produce, package, and sell the absolute best products I can. You want to know what’s new. For now I can give you a sneak peak at the newest little accessory I’ve created. As things stand now, they’ll only be available at shows, boutiques, and stores at least until December. Perhaps I’ll move them to my online shop after that time.

Have you ever seen a cuter match stick container? They’re adorable. They’ll look so much better on your mantle or end table than that book of matches from the local libation station. Plus, stick matches are so much easier to use when lighting candles or kindling in the fireplace. Not only are these little fabric-covered cups cute and useful (holding matches AND containing a strike strip on the side), when you use up the matches you can either fill it up with more matches (readily available at any hardware or grocery store), or use the cup as a votive holder! Simply put a votive or t-lite candle inside the cup – the light from the flame will show through the cute pattern of the fabric and give a warm glow. Huh? I know!

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