Monday, February 23, 2009

Bottle Cap Bonanza Kick-Off

In an attempt to brighten up this wishy-washy time of year, I'm going to buckle down and update my shop once a day for the next thirty days with my very fun, cute, clever, and most of all, colorful bottle cap magnets, pins, and drink charms.

Once a day. Weekdays for sure. Oh, already making excuses!

Does that mean I'll be blogging once a day with my shop update? In a perfect world, yes. But don't get too excited, because as I've said before, with the whirlwind of activity in Auntie B Land the blog gets last priority. I'll do my best, though.

Check early, check often. And if you are so inclined, buy one, or a dozen.

Today's listing: A Monday caffeine boost with "Joe."

Coming very soon - international shipping on many items. Just let me get my scale out and we'll be ready to roll!

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