Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lifted Spirits

I love the four seasons of Minnesota. The long days of summer, the colors of autumn, the peace and quiet of winter, and the rebirth of spring. The seasons are a way of measuring time and give a sense of anticipation for something different to come. All of the seasons have wonderful things to offer.

Then come February and March. Of the twelve months in a year, February and March are my least favorite. The weather is indecisive, showing signs of warming up one day, then plummeting below zero the next. The snow melts, dirty and wet, then freezes into treacherous icy patches. The brown grass peeks out, not yet showing signs of life. The transition from winter to spring is slow and frustrating. Cold and damp. Ugly.

This is the time of year my heart sinks. To watch the glistening white snow turn to nasty brown slush is depressing. My car is never clean. Wardrobe choices are hard to make due to the fluctuations of temperature. February and March are a drudgery.

In the midst of this gloom, I’ve been cheered back into motion these past few days. The candles that bring me so much coziness in my own life have been appreciated by many these past few days. My spirits have been lifted with an order from a longtime customer. An e-mail from another customer, who has suffered greatly throughout the winter with ailments and injuries, letting me know my candles keep her happy. A note from a man who bought candles for his wife and daughters for Valentine’s Day, thanking me for making him the most popular guy in the family for his fabulous gifts. How did these people know their support and appreciation were just what I needed?

Kind words will brighten the darkest days and give strength to the down-trodden. Thanks to the loyalty of kindness of customers who have turned friends, I can face another gray day and skip on to spring.

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