Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Lot And Nothing

Where to begin? I’ve been very busy these past few days, but there aren’t any updates you’d necessarily be interested in. Like how proud I was to get so much housework done on Friday, including dusting the walls of every room of the house. (I don’t care how clean your house is, you get cobwebs, and they must be removed at all costs.) Or like how I tested some different wicks for palm wax candles. Or how I created some new bottle cap magnets for Easter and created six new drink charm sets for 2009.

You probably wouldn’t be interested in the nervous anticipation I’m feeling over a possible new client. (I can’t tell you about it because it isn’t real yet. Stay tuned.) You certainly wouldn’t be interested in what I made for dinner tonight, or that I finally got around to editing the pictures I took at my parents’ anniversary party back in September.
If I had some pictures to show of the progress I’m making, you might be a little more interested, but alas, there are none. Perhaps next week.

Tomorrow will prove to be another busy day. Aren’t they all? I’ll continue to try to fit as much in sixteen hours as I can. I relish the weekends and the time I don’t have to spend at my day job. I work twice as hard at my dream job – you’d think I could switch the two around. Not yet.

So, you see, I really have nothing to post, not much to say, but there are plenty of irons in the fire. The words don’t adequately described the hurricane of thoughts in my brain and the utter joy I have when those thoughts materialize into something I made myself, a service I can provide for someone, an atmosphere I can create for myself and my husband. Chaos and bliss intertwined. You wouldn’t be much interested in that, would you?

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