Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Busy Weekends

So much going on these days. Seems it’s been a month since I’ve been able to sit and write about anything. Hey, it has been about that long.

First of all there was the Chateau St. Croix Fetes Des Fleurs Festival. Husby and I love going to that show. The crowds are always fun, the vendors are fabulous, the owners and staff of the winery are spectacular, and of course there is wine aplenty. Weather for the festival was less than desired. Saturday was hot. Like, Africa hot. (Name that movie.) The sun was dang near blistering. I got a lot of questions about how that kind of heat would affect my candles. The beeswax got a little sticky but there was no out and out melting. It would have to be about 130 degrees for that to happen and we didn’t get near that temperature. Sunday it rained all day long. I mean it rained. All…day…long. A gust of wind blew over one of my drink charm displays, but there was no serious damage. Yep, the weather was less than desired, but guess what? My sales were fabulous! Even though it seemed the crowds were less than last year and the weather was really really hot and really really rainy, I was very happy to see those who came enjoyed my booth.

Sunday (the rainy day) also gave all of the vendors a chance to peek more deeply into the other booths. There was a lot of bartering going on. What a great way to decrease inventory and gain other beautiful things. I made a couple of deals myself. I’m glad to see that not only the shoppers but also fellow artisans find my items to be something of value, beauty, or happiness. I certainly admired what they had to show.

The next weekend we attended a small family reunion at my aunt and uncle’s house in Three Lakes, Wisconsin. Mikey loves to throw a party and the gathering was centered around the Outdoor Yard Game Olympics. We played rounds of beanbag toss, golf-balls-on-string toss, and Jarts. It was pretty obvious Husby and I are really bad at games that require aim. Paenney and Fojo were the big winners. Go figure, they’re the youngest with the most fit bodies and the best eyesight.

Fourth of July weekend was spent at the family cottage. There were a few chores to be done, but for the most part we just celebrated the holiday. Charlotte and her family took charge of putting on a spectacular fireworks show for us and the rest of the lake. Fojo, Paenney, Pinky, and my dad spent a lot of time fishing, hoping to land a big muskie, happy to catch bass and perch. We also had a big water war where Fojo and Paenney win again. All I got out of the deal was a lot of water splashed on me and a bit of a sunburn on my nose, shoulders, and back. Summertime fun.

Monday evening I decided to just be tired and turn off all compulsion to catch up on housework. I sat back and watched Amityville Horror in its entirety. Funny how a movie with such bad dialog can suck you in nevertheless. Nothing like a house whose walls bleed to make for a relaxing evening.

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