Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Movies

Things are looking up in the movie world. Well, I can't really say they've been looking poorly, but there really hasn't been anything I've considered worth seeing in a while.

Husby and I saw Up, which was a great escape to the drudgery of everyday life. It made me want to get out there and try something completely insane and wacky. It's a wonderful movie (what Pixar movie isn't?) about true love, friendship, good and evil, adventure, and all the other makings of a fairytale. Oh, and if you can, do the 3D thing. It costs more to rent the glasses, but it's totally cool - like watching a moving View Master reel.

Other than Up, nothing really captured my attention. Until...

Being enamored with bloggers (I'm much better reading them than writing them) I knew all about the girl who did the Julia Child blog, giving a chronical of her year making hundreds of recipes from the Julia Child cookbook. Guess what? They're making a movie of it. Both Julie (blogger) and Julia (chef, or is she "just" a cook?) are taking center stage. Two completely different lives and how one had an enormous impact on another, and how both were based in food. And what could be better than Meryl Streep playing Julia Child? Sadly, I'm unable to embed the trailer for the movie Julie & Julia, but you can see it on YouTube here. Should be hitting the theaters in August, just in time for a birthday date for me!

Lastly, I heard rumors about Johnny Depp and Tim Burton working on a project together, but never dreamed it could be so magical as this...

Alice In Wonderland! Apparently it will be out in March, 2010. I will be eagerly awaiting it's release. Being a true fairytale, the story of Alice has all the creepiness an old-fashioned children's story should have. Tim Burton is so talented in how he makes fantasies even more surreal than they actually are, and Johnny Depp, well, if anyone can play a character, especially a make-believe one, it would be him.

So looking forward to these movies. What's your favorite one these days?

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