Thursday, July 23, 2009

Did You Know? Shop Categories

I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who are like me who look in the middle of the screen when browsing on the computer to avoid some pretty obnoxious ads on various websites. I've trained myself to ignore the flashing ads at the top and around the sides of the blog post, article, or e-mail I'm trying to read. But because of the tunnel vision I've developed, I tend to miss interesting and sometimes vital information on the sidebars of sites without intrusive ads.

Take my Etsy shop...anyone's Etsy show for that matter. Did you know there is a much easier way to shop for what you want without scrolling through page after page of listings from a buyer? It's true!

Right now I have sixty items in my shop. Compared to other shops on Etsy, I'm pretty tiny. But even so, scrolling through sixty items can be a somewhat time-consuming job, and we all know computers are supposed to save us time. Here's where it gets fun. When you're at a shop's front page, look to the right. Dont's worry, you won't find some ad showing an animated belly flubbering around trying to sell you weight loss pills. What will be there, over on the right, is a list of categories the seller has created to make your shopping experience more efficient.

Using my shop as an example: The first page of my shop (any every page for that matter) contains a little bit of everything I sell. If a buyer comes to the shop and sees a candle she likes and a bunch of bottle cap magnets that she's not interested in, she might not feel like going through many pages to find more candles. That's where the seller's categories come in. You just look to the right and you'll see how the seller has categorized all of the items for sale. If my buyer wants to look only at candles in my shop, she just needs to click on the Candles section and only candles will come up on her screen.

Not only does this area show categories, but also how many items are contained in that section. So the lady who wants to look at my candles can look through twelve candles rather than sifting through sixty items of things she might not even be interested in.

Jewelry sellers could categorize by earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Photographers could categorize their work by subject matter. And it's all in an effort to give you a stress-free shopping experience.

So even if you're like me and avoid the sides of the computer screen so you don't have to look at those most hideous stretchmark ads, be sure to look to the categories section next time you're shopping on Etsy. It will save you tons of time and might even help you find something you didn't even know you were looking for.

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