Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Live And In Person

This past weekend I worked my last craft show of the year. Each time I work a show I realize how important it is for artists and crafters to get out from behind the computer and sell their wares live and in person.

The show was a hit. There were lots of people in the mood to do some early Christmas shopping. One thing I was happy to see was the multitudes that brought their own bags to carry purchases, saving the earth from dreadful plastic bags. Yay! Environmentally friendly and so much less cumbersome than carrying multiple different-sized bags. Try it next time you go to a craft show or festival.

I also was happy to see so many returning customers. It always makes me feel so good to know my products are worthy of repeat purchases. A special hello to Miss G who is a candle connoisseur with a very discriminating sense of smell, and Sister J, over ninety years old and the most diligent letter writer who is so pleased to see blank note cards for sale on my table each year. Thank you both, as well as all the others who stop by every year. Of course there were new customers too, finding a new appreciation for the silliness of my bottle cap drink charms or the simple beauty of a pure beeswax candle.

I won’t deny the importance of the world wide web and I continue to be grateful for the wonderful venue it has become for me and many other artists and crafters. We’re able to reach people around the globe with our little computers, and it is indeed fascinating. But whenever I can I like to go out and mingle with the people. They give me ideas and allow me to give them the service of custom orders. Their feedback is invaluable no matter if it is positive or negative. It’s so rewarding to see smiles on the faces of the shoppers whether they buy anything or not.

So thanks, all you people I met and remet throughout the year. You made the travels worthwhile with your lovely comments and your support of individual artists and crafters is so very much appreciated.

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