Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Insomnia

Apparently turkey has a chemical in it that makes you sleepy.  I'm having the opposite effect with the leftovers.  I'm awake at 1:00 a.m. after a Thanksgiving rerun this evening. 

It's been a fine weekend, a long one.  I spent some of it packing up custom orders to be shipped out tomorrow.  I spend other parts of it putting away the remains of the holiday, packing away the good china and servingware.  I spent the bulk of it lounging around, doing what other people might call wasting time.  There was some catalog browsing and TV watching.  At one point Husby and I spent time with the cable guy (not Larry) and decided to make the jump from dial-up internet service to the fantastic Triple Play including cable TV, phone, and internet service.  I can hardly wait for that to be installed. 

I've been thinking about some new projects I'd like to undertake.  Polymer clay comes to mind.  I've worked with it in the past with not much luck, but am determined to try again with a little more patience and determination.  Candle accessories is what I have in mind.  We shall see.  If things turn out well I may post pictures, or even put them up for sale.

Other than that, I'm pretty much just sitting around patiently waiting for winter to come.  It's been cold, but the snow refuses to fly.  The Christmas tree is going up next weekend and I would love for there to be a nice blanket of snow outside when I trim the tree and decorate the house.  If not, I'll make do with White Christmas playing on the stereo.

Until then I'll try to survive the coming week.  It will be a busy one at my day job.  I'm also going to work on putting some new listings up in my shop.  Here's a preview:

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