Monday, December 14, 2009

Nothing To Write About

During this busy season I’ve said several times to myself, I should blog about that. The subject matter would be pushed to the back of my mind as priorities made other plans for me. Holiday entertaining, gift shopping, and custom orders to make for others have been of the utmost importance, leaving the blog behind. Now that I have some time, I cuddle up on the couch with my laptop by the light of the Christmas tree I can’t for the life of me pull up those blog topics I thought of previously.

Could it be I wanted to write about the high school band concert in which my nephews Paenney and Fojo played? How listening to so many talented young musicians melted away the troubles of the work week for me? How watching the director was an inspiration in passion? Could it be I wanted to write about how refreshing it is to go to a high school and hear not a holiday concert, but a Christmas concert? Or maybe I wanted to write about how funny it was how one band member ordered a pizza during the concert and had it delivered through a window to the backstage?

I can’t remember if I wanted to write about how thrilled I am to have received so many custom orders from people who like my work. Or how much I enjoy working on these orders. Maybe I wanted to say how I wonder if these customers think not only are my pieces good enough for them, but also good enough to give to others as gifts. How I have Christmas carols going through my head this time of year when I’m pouring hot wax or beading a drink charm.

I wonder if I wanted to say whoever invented the mixture of butter and sugar should be canonized. How such simple ingredients are the base of millions of tasty treats? How much I love to scrape the mixing bowl and eat an entire spatulaful of cookie dough?

Maybe there was a time I wanted to comment on the booming wonder that is Tuba Christmas - a band comprised of nothing more than brass in the tuba family. Or maybe I wanted to write a piece on how I’ve been going to these concerts every year since Paenny started playing in them at age eleven. Then he was frustrated by the complexity and confusion of the music and playing with so many fellow musicians and now at seventeen enjoys being part of such a festive community event, breezing through the music with his many years of musical training.

It could have been I wanted to write about how cool I think it is that Fojo wants to be a Humane Society volunteer. How his dedication to and love for animals has inspired him to volunteer his time not only to satisfy his own desires to play with dogs, but to be of service to his community. How he, like his brother Paenney, has grown into such a responsible, funny, smart, and really tall young man.

I have no idea. With a few spare moments with which I can write about something my mind is completely blank. What were those things I wanted to write about while I was busy doing something else? Trying to think of them has made me tired. I think I’ll just turn off the computer and stare at the Christmas tree for a while, until my eyes grow heavy with a sleep that can only be had in the cold of winter. Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember what I was going to write about.

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