Tuesday, December 29, 2009


As I finished up 2009, putting the business on the back burner in favor of Christmas cheer I was a little worried about what 2010 would bring. I haven’t been in business for too long, and really don’t know much about marketing, but one thing I do know is people like to see new products. I didn’t have any new ideas, or so I thought.

I love candle making and will of course continue to create colorful and fragrant candles. I may focus a little more on votives; something I’ve made for years but really haven’t packaged them in a way that pleases me. I’ve only started giving my pillars the shrink wrap treatment, which is a step above cellophane bags. Now to move the shrink wrap to the votives, and also finding fun ways to package votives as a set.

But packaging doesn’t really count as “new” product. Variations on a theme kind of count, as in new bottle cap drink charm sets and bottle cap magnets. I’ve been selling the same images for a couple of years now, and it’s time to change up. Or at least add to.

With a few new ideas on how to improve existing products, I’d yet to come up with completely new product ideas. And the inspiration just wasn’t coming. Is inspiration something you can wish and it will appear? What inspires you?

Different people give different answers to the question of inspiration. Nature, colors, and themes can all be inspirations. This week my inspiration came from a tool; more specifically, a piece of office equipment. Husby gave me a gift for Christmas that took me by surprise. A laminator. Not one of those you can find in a hobby or craft store, but a real, heavy-duty laminator. And with that gift the ideas came flooding forth.

I can’t reveal what those ideas are right now as I’ll have to experiment before I unveil a finished product. But even if my experiments don’t result in a sellable product, I foresee myself having a ton of fun just playing and exploring possibilities.

Husby must know me pretty well and guessed tools would inspire me as he also bought me a couple of really fun tools for the kitchen. I guess he wants me to cook more. Who can blame him? And now, with the right tools, the job will be easier and more fun. That is, of course, if I’m not too busy with my crafting projects.

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