Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Some say the life of an artist is a lonely one.  I wouldn't know, as I don't really consider myself an "artist" so much as a crafts person.  There are plenty of times when I'm holed up in the studio pouring candles and working on various other projects for hours on end, but I'm never alone.  Meet Dolly:

Don't you just love her attire?  She's much shorter than I am, so it's kind of pathetic how her pants bunch above her bare feet.  Her turtlneck top is perpetually festive with holly sprigs.  She's missing a finger on her right hand and she has to wear a wig, but she seems to be fine with that.  She also happily dons a cap reading "Dopey."

Dolly stands right behind my work table, overlooking everything I do in the studio.  Sometimes I make horrible mistakes in the studio and have been known to swear a blue streak on such occasions, but Dolly understands and is always giving me an encouraging smile.  She doesn't judge; in fact, it seems she always approves. 

I think all artists and crafters should have a mascot of some kind.  Dolly was retrieved from an abandoned retail storage space by my brother Diggy and me over twenty-five years ago.  Okay, so the storage space wasn't technically abandoned, but we pretty much figured they had no use for a mannequin with a missing finger, so...

She's my constant companion in craftland.  And sometimes when I forget she's there she scares the bejeepers out of me when I catch her out of the corner of my eye.

Do you have a mascot?

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