Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I know it's in bad taste to make excuses on a blog as to why the writer hasn't written.  So I won't. 

Not only am I behind in writing, I'm behind in filing, applying, banking, producing, cleaning, and cooking.  Even with the long weekend away from the day job I failed to catch up. 

Could have something to do with Husby's parents, who are taking most of our attention lately.  They're failing.  And we're both pretty new at this aging parents thing.  Doesn't matter that we watched our parents go through it; either we weren't paying attention or it's something you just have to learn by doing. 

Now I have to get back into the swing of awaking at 5:00 a.m. and going to bed before 11:00.  It won't be easy, and I won't much like the time away from my half-finished projects.  But this week I'm sending out a custom order, finishing up a boatload of palm wax votives, placing an order with one of my suppliers, and getting in good with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  Oh yeah, and also I must devour the Midwest Art Fairs publication which I can't even believe I haven't so much as thumbed through despite its arrival at my house over four days ago.  Hopefully I'll get a bunch of shows listed on that sidebar.

Don't forget to check out the ongoing Pulp Fiction Magnet listings at my shop.  This week I'll be listing more frequently; I'm anticipating two to three new listings per day.  I just love them!  Here's the latest:

Wish me luck, and a huge amount of motivation and stamina. 

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