Thursday, February 18, 2010

Slipping Away

These are difficult days indeed for the family of Husby.  Mrs. Husby now rests in a hospital bed at her home under the eye of health care workers around the clock.  Mr. Husby wonders silently what will become of him once his wife crosses the line to the other side.  He's been quite dependent on her for many years.  Husby is running himself ragged doing all that is necessary in this kind of situation.  He's an only child and the burden rests completely on him.  He's doing a marvelous job.  It won't be long now, and it wouldn't surprise me if Husby took a month-long nap after this episode of The Aging Parents Saga.  He'll wake up just in time for the next episode.

I'm in charge of the homefront, picking up the slack when Husby is away.  It's just little things I'm doing to make things nice for him when he comes home from a day filled with chaos and doom.  One of Husby's favorite things to do is retrieve the daily mail.  It's a guy thing.  Last night I realized that because Husby was out late taking care of things at his parents' no one had gotten the mail.  I'll do it, I thought to myself feeling all heroic and helpful.  So I turned on the outside light (getting the mail didn't even occur to me until after dark - don't judge me) and stepped into my clogs and out to the cold dark night.  My mistake?  Clogs.  Thirty-year-old clogs with no traction.  Add that to a giant icicle melting from the corner of the house onto the sidewalk.

Yep, it was a clip right out of America's Funniest Home Videos.  My legs flew from under me and I landed on the heel of my left hand and also on my right hip/derriere.  Today I'm walking funny.

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