Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year's Resolution #2 ~ Organize

I know it's a little late to be making announcing New Year's Eve resolutions.  Lots of people don't even believe in them as most resolutions are forgotten once January is past.  I figured stating resolutions on a blog will be stating something to a power mightier than myself (the blogosphere) and therefore I must be held accountable.  When one is accountable, one is more likely to succeed at a task. 

So Resolution #1 is still underway and in most ways can be completed only when I accomplish Resolution #2.  Afterall, how can I work in Craftland if I'm not organized?  I have supplies galore and need lots of room to spin around when things go awry.

Bright and early Saturday morning Husby went down to Menards to pick up a couple of shelving units.  Nothing fancy.  You know the kind.

Very plain, but very versatile.  He put the first shelf together just like the picture.  Then he took a second shelving unit that was a little bigger, and made two short shelves rather than a big tall one.  This resulted in the creation of my new candle pouring station.  Not only did he put all of the shelves together, he even adhered ceramic tiles to the top of the candle pouring station to make it heat resistent.  What a hero!

But this isn't about Husby and his astonishing ability to assemble shelves.  It's about the fact that I can finally put all of my necessities neatly on shelves.  It's about the fact that all of my wax, all of my pouring pots, all of my additives, dyes, scents, molds and wicks are in the wax pouring station instead of scattered about the room.  It's also about the fact that I can now put all of my items for sale on shelves separate from the things used to make the items for sale.  Shelving is great, and much needed in the attempts to organize a Craftland.

Also contributing to my resolution to organize was spending a day cleaning out two computers.  I had to copy files, delete files, compare and contrast files and update files.  I was sort of forced to do this as tax season is coming up and I want to be sure I'm all organized for the tax man, aka Husby.  So basically I was pretty tired of looking at a computer screen by the end of the day.

The organization resolution will not end  with the computer and Craftland, but dang those short twenty-four-hour days, I couldn't get to any other rooms of the house during the weekend.  I shutter to think of that closet... 

Happy Monday!

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