Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Pinocchio Doesn't Live Here

You know how it is when you've been on holiday and you spend lots of time with people you like, doing things you like, eating food you like, and drinking drinks you like?  And plus get presents?  And then you have to go back to the day job only to find one of your coworkers thinks everything would be better if you just didn't exist and a boss who is ineffective and provides no leadership?  And you have to stare at ugly beige walls all day long instead a bright and colorful Christmas tree?  It's a downer, man.

Some of you are tired of hearing how much I loathe spending time at the day job, but I know you feel that way from time to time too.  These are the times, when the human race disappoints us, when our talents are squandered and unnoticed, when the world in general is pretty much letting us down that we have to turn to a creative escape.

If you can create things yourself, yay!  On a day when you feel put upon, engrossing yourself in a project that is completely not on your list of things to do just might be the ticket.  You don't have to paint the Mona Lisa, for crying out loud.  It could be baking a batch of cookies or sewing some jammies out of an old set of sheets.

If you have no faith in your own ability to create (Work on that, won't you?  Everyone has the ability to create!), use others' creations to escape the meanness, frustration, or plain hum-drumedness of the everyday things that bring you down. 

Find a piece of art you can stare into and just dream...

...or one that simply makes you smile.

Read a book filled with whimsey, adventure, and imagination...

Or listen to some music that takes you away...

Chronologie by Jean Michel Jarre

The arts are a wonderful way to chase away the ickiness of an icky day and turn you back into the real live person you are, rather than the puppet they want you to be.

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