Thursday, May 05, 2011

Bundles Of Joy

After a few years of hoping and dreaming, Husby and I are happy to announce the arrival of four little, bitty bunnies in our back yard.

We've had bunny families in our yard before, but not for some time.  We're happy to see the little fluffs nibbling on our sad, brown lawn.  The live underneath the wood pile, safe from the local hawks and foxes.

There will be a time, should they decide to make our yard their permanent home, when Husby gets irritated with their feasting on his garden. After all, we are already missing out on the blooming of our bridal wreath shrubs due to Mom and Dad Bunny chowing them down to nubs during our very snowy winter. But they're just so cute and fluffy now, we can't help but love them.

It's hard to get photos of the little buggers. They're still very skittish and just opening the back door causes them to scurry underneath the wood pile to safety. Like we would ever harm them! We normally just watch them from the window.

Little animals and birds are a sure sign of spring. The fuzzy little goslings will be waddling around our house very soon too. We might get lucky and have some robin and wren nests in our trees. Sometimes we'll even find a quarter-sized turtle in the grass.

For now we'll just stand by the window and watch the hijinx of our four little bunnies like a couple of proud parents.

1 comment:

Husby said...

To quote Hoops and Yoyo...They're cuuuuute! Fencing the garden patch this year so the salad bar will limited.

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