Friday, July 29, 2011

Facing Your Fears

So far this has been the year of taking chances for me, especially with my little business.  I've undertaken brave new changes and stepped boldly out of my comfort zone.  Despite possible bad, embarrassing, or financially-troublesome outcomes, taking chances also opens up outcomes that could bring on a world of new adventures.  So far I've done pretty well in that none of my outcomes have been terrifically horrendous and some have been extremely productive.

Facing your fears is the only way a person can possibly achieve different results.  After all, our biggest obstacle to success and progress is usually fear. 

Take Pinky.  He and Charlotte were tormented in their sleep by a rogue bat that had inadvertantly found its way into the cottage last weekend.  While I don't know many people who like bats, I know Pinky really does not like bats.  To make a long story short, Pinky took it upon himself to hunt down that bat.  And when I say hunt, I mean hunt...with a gun.  Once he finally found the hairy little rodent he took careful aim with his Red Rider and shot the little bugger down with one pull of the trigger.

Don't you just love Pinky's professional stance? I sort of made fun of him, but I couldn't deny his aim was impeccable.

The point is, Pinky also faced his fears, shot the creepy intruder, and slept better the next night knowing if he has to get close enough to a bat to shoot it with a BB gun he can.  He faced his fear of bats with triumphant results.  Yay Pinky!

What fears are holding you back?  Are you ready to face and conquer them with the awesomeness that is you?

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