Friday, July 08, 2011

Recurring Themes

Charlotte and I used to laugh at how guys are drawn to photographs and paintings of lonesome, rickety barns.  You know the ones.  They have peeling paint and abandoned, antiquated, rusty machinery nearby.  I think it has something to do with a Jungian archetype ~ an innate sense of working the land or something.

Looking through my pictures recently I noticed that I, too, have an affinity for a particular scene.  My attraction is to the lonely road.  I have tons of pictures of roads.  What does it mean?

This one appeals to my sense of adventure.  The open road filled with so many possibilities of where it might lead.  But more often than not my road pictures are more rustic and woodsy, like these...

Perhaps my road pictures represent unknowns for me, like the path not taken.  Or maybe it's a path I'm taking but have no idea what lies beyond the bend.  The interesting thing is, while a picture of a lonely road does bring on a sense of melancholy I'm not hesitant to want to travel on and see where it takes me. 

What kind of pictures are you drawn to?  Do they make you feel happy?  Adventurous?  Afraid?

More than likely I'll continue to find solitary roads that appeal to me and I'll snap the scene for posterity.  Sometimes I might not even remember where the road is, but they'll all leave me with the same feelings and I'll continue to imagine what lies at the end. 

Where is your road leading you?


MaryAnn said...

The road I was on this morning, led me to hell - it took me to work! The road I take later today will lead me home - my sanctuary. I'm hoping my "life" road will eventually lead me to the hereafter - heaven.

I too have an affinity for pictures of roads that lean into the woods. The Professor does too, but his road usually leads to an old barn!

Sara said...

What is it with those old barns?! Guess it's the same as the old roads.

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