Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Stonecutter's Shop

When the stonecutter sells all of his wares and decides to pack away his tools I should like to move into his shop.  Such a cozy little cottage; the perfect house for my beeswax candles.  The weathered wood and toppling brick chimney are welcoming to those who care to visit. 

I would spend my days chatting with shoppers.  They're all in a good mood because most likely they're on vacation.  They're all in a good mood because they think the little shop is charming.

Fragrant melting wax would be in the back room, enticing the passers by.  I could tend to my candlemaking while Husby tends the till. 

Yes, I think I should like to move into The Stonecutter's shop when he packs away his tools. 


MaryAnn said...

where is said Stonecutters Shop located?

Sara said...

I will divulge the location only if I ever inhabit this cozy shop. (I want first dibs!) However, I'd hate to see the stonecutter leave ~ I own a few of his fine works.

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