Monday, October 03, 2011

Renewed, For The Most Part

Today is a new beginning.  Last week was lost in the noisy halls of a hospital and my brain was knotted with concern and worry.  All seems to be back on track now, and probably more on track than ever.  Spending so much time away from my typical life has seemed to put things into better perspective.  I have regained my vision on where my responsibilities lie and that they should not be ignored.  One of those responsibilities is the upkeep and and TLC of my own home.  It's interesting how taking care of many household duties I have pushed aside has cleared the cobwebs not only from the corners of the rooms, but also from my head.

It felt good to take time to pick up the clutter and clear away the dust.  Chunks of lint are nowhere to be seen on the rugs and carpets and the laundry basket is empty.  The rhythm of ironing is amazingly grounding and the smell of sheets dried on the outside clothesline fills up the bedroom.  Best of all (especially for Husby) I have rediscovered my motivation for cooking.

From the sounds of this you probably think I live in a dump most of the time.  Of course that isn't true no matter how bad I make it all sound.  But I'm happy to say that the need for me to be present at a hospital along with a priority placed on homekeeping really made for a lovely weekend. 

I've also been hard at work setting up the new blog, which may eventually turn into an actual website if I do things right.  I'm looking forward to a fresh start with that, and it should be less than a couple of weeks before you can see it for yourselves.  I hope when the time comes you'll join me over there.

For now I bid you a Happy Monday and hope the week goes without a hitch.

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