Thursday, June 24, 2010

Celebrating The Blooms

Last weekend Husby and I embarked upon our first show of 2010.  I love starting the season with a fun show, and The Chateau St. Croix never fails to deliver.

We began our weekend early Saturday morning.  Husby packed up the SUV and we drove for about an hour, just over the beautiful St. Croix River, to the countryside. 

This is the setting for the Fete Des Fleurs (Celebration of the Flowers).  The rolling Wisconsin countryside and fresh air are such a relief from the confinement of the studio and the stuffiness of the city.  Throw in a few horses and you'll feel just like Laura Ingalls Wilder. 

My roadie (Husby) and I set up the little shop and were ready to roll.  The rest was up to those attending the the festival. 

Of course there was plenty of wine, music, and food to be had.  But the best part of being part of this grand festival celebrating the blooming of the grape vines is just that...being part of it.  For me there was lots of laughing and lots of learning.  After many months of production, financial managing, packaging and tagging this weekend got me out among the public, getting feedback, and feeling honored that my items were worthy to take home and enjoy.

Thanks to all who came to support the crafters and artists as well as the winery.  Husby and I stocked up on gifts from some of the vendors as well as half a case of wine from the Chateau.  Thanks also to the Chateau St. Croix staff, for including us in their festival and for being such gracious hosts.


MaryAnn said...

I don't think I've ever told you this, but you do a great job of displaying your wares. Good variety of color, heights, shapes and sizes to keep the eyes moving and the senses engaged.

Sara said...

MaryAnn, you are just too nice. I think my display looks a little better in person than it does in the photos here. I'm definitely not a photographer.

Thanks for your compliments. It's good to get feedback to improve for future shows, or to keep doing what works.

Cheri said...

I think your display is wonderful, seems to fit into the country side, I like that! Very approachable and I would love to stop and shop!

Sara said...

Thank you too, Cheri!

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