Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Emotional Meltdown

The other day Husby and I were having a nice dinner of weenies, tater tots and coleslaw ~ romantic and healthy.

We were chatting casually about the upcoming show when Husby said something that hurt my feelings.  It wasn't his intention to hurt my feelings, but these things happen when insomniatic psychosis, hormones, and stress are flying around in the air.  We've both been under our own individual strains and his tone, along with the above stated factors, led to just one thing...an emotional meltdown on my part.

Talk about putting a damper on a romantic weenie dinner.  The point of my sharing this is to let you all know, these things are normal and should be played out. 

The more I tried to blame Husby for being insensitive and brutish the more I realized I was just trying to find a scapegoat for my own mounting stressors and insecurities.

Of course Husby sat and listened to me rant on him for a while, and then listened to me rant on myself for a long while.  He tried to reassure me, but I spent the entire evening feeling terrible not only for involving him in my little emotional web but also for realizing the true feelings I've been having about myself and my contributions as a housemate and business person. 

This sort of introspection is always good, I believe, even if it doesn't get resolved right away.  Bringing things to the surface clears up all that internal angst, which can only have positive effects.  Right?  Well, if nothing else, a big epiphany accompanied by a lot of crying makes for a really good night's sleep.  And who doesn't need that?


Jane Carlstrom aka Glorious Hats said...

Oh Sara, Hugs. Jane

Sara said...

Thanks Jane. All is well once again. Good to have my head on straight.

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