Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Favorite

I'm long overdue.  I used to watch this movie every year during the week of my birthday but sadly now I'm lucky to get to it once every couple of years or so.  Harold and Maude

It came to the theater in 1971 and was labeled as a comedy.  I guess it is, in a dark sort of way.  I would much rather look upon it as a character study as well as a study in existentialism.  Oh, don't let all that fancy talk scare you off; Harold and Maude are up for some exciting adventures.  But if you listen to the messages the film gives, you too may find some room for thought.

Perhaps I was at a very influential age when I first saw this movie, which was about ten years after its release.  Perhaps it's the all Cat Stevens soundtrack.  Whatever the reason, Harold and Maude has held its position as my favorite movie of all time since the first time I saw it.

What's not to love?  Maude is simply enchanting and full of life, Harold is morose with a little skip in his step.  Mrs. Chasen is the ultimate socialite.  Uncle Victor is the right-wing military man.  Don't overlook the officious police officer, the terse priest, and the disinterested psychiatrist.  The quotes are memorable and to watch Harold bloom, well it's just priceless.

Cultish or not, this movie has defined me in more ways than I can ever know.  It's a reminder of how to live life like there's no tomorrow, and how to embrace all that we are without apology. 

What flower would you like to be?

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