Monday, June 07, 2010

Loose Ends - Price Tags

Lots of my fellow crafters and artists have already taken to the road and started showing their wares at various festivals and events.  I haven't yet, and am starting to get itchy.  The last show I did was in early November and my next show isn't for two weeks.

As excited as I am to get started, I'm not yet ready to hit the road.  It's those darn loose ends that are always pushed to the last minute, putting a little edge on the prospect of displaying everything I've worked so hard to create.

Well, I think Mary Poppins would say, "once begun is half done," nod her head and little toy soldiers would march themselves into the toy chest.  I, on the other hand, have to actually make a list, actually go through it, manually complete tasks, and cross them off the list.  For example, price tags.  Product is made, packaging has been done.  But the price tags remain unprinted or placed on the products.  I think a price tag on each item is very important at craft shows and festivals.  This is not a small task when I have eleventy-thousand individual items to display at each show. 

Yes, that would be every single item.  Every candle, every set of drink charms, every magnet.  Sure it would be easier to print out a list of prices and prop it up on the table, but not shopper friendly.  It's been found that shoppers are conditioned to pick up an item they like and search for a price.  If there isn't a price on the item, they are often reluctant to ask and less likely to buy.

If you are a shopper at these wonderful craft shows, events, and festivals, don't be afraid to ask the vendor the price of an item you like if you don't see a tag.  However, if you are a vendor, you would be wise to price every item, even if it means tagging everything the night before a show.  Mary Poppins would.

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