Monday, September 27, 2010

Beware The Germ

I was minding my own business, tending to my daily chores, tasks, and pleasures when once again I got hit with a horrible germ.  They're everywhere!  I've been recovered from my last cold for only two weeks and here I am again, wallowing in a sea of snot, unable to maintain a constant body temperature, and hacking with a terrible cough.

What do you when you have a cold? 

Tell me, did people really think whiskey could cure a cold?  And tell me this too ~ did Aspironal really have less alcohol content than whiskey?  (The ad says 10% alcohol, but I don't believe it for a minute.)  Maybe it all just makes you forget you have a cold.  I love that it is a "delightful elixir" and does not contain opiates.

This time around I think I'll just take some Sudafed (which is very complicated to buy now, thanks to the bad guys), drink lots of juice and water, and suck on some Halls.  I spent all of Sunday laying on the couch watching movies which wasn't all bad.  I don't get to spend an entire day watching movies unless I'm sick, or at least I don't allow myself to. 

Hopefully I'll bounce back quickly, as I would love to spend next Saturday at the Goose Lake Farm & Winery, selling my wares.  I'll keep you posted.

Until then I'll keep breathing through my mouth and trying to stay awake.  They don't look kindly on sick naps at the day job.


Nano said...

Get well Auntie B. Lots of rest never hurt anyone. Lemon and honey and a shot of brandy is always helpful. And, my favorite (if it can be found locally): Unicum ( I brought back several bottles of it from Hungary years ago and I would always lend it out for the above stated purpose. Even though a tablespoon or two would do the trick, I never got the bottles back with the remainders...I wonder what happened to the rest.:) Surdyks has it and I hope to get there soon to stock up for the cold and flu season.

Sara said...

Thanks for the tips Nano. I can't believe I got two colds in the span of a month. I think I'm getting over this one at last, and I hope I can hold out at least a year before I get another.

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