Thursday, September 23, 2010

Roll Out The Barrel

Oh what a marvelous weekend Husby and I had at the Chateau St. Croix Fall Festival.  By this point that just goes without saying.  As a vendor I salute the staff at the Chateau for hosting such a fun event with an effort that appears seamless.  There's a lot of hard work that goes into an event like this, and to make it enjoyable for both vistors and vendors is quite a feat.  Everything seemed to click without a hitch, including the weather. 

Morning, before opening

It was great to see all of our Chateau friends again ~ feels like a family reunion or holiday gathering.  Some of us see each other only twice a year, so there's some catching up to do, as well as looking at each others' new wares for sale.  I was in a very buying mood and snagged some very fun wrist warmers and a pair of beautiful earrings (they have some color) via Husby, who ran around and did the actual transactions for me.  Husby also bought some really fun note cards, prints from an oil paint artist whose work was both stunning and whimsical. 

The festival offers a full weekend of art, crafts, live music, food, and of course wine.  The Chateau hosts winery tours and tastings which should not be missed.  And for those of you who would rather win a bottle of win than buy one, there are plenty of chances with the competitions the festival offers.

You can test your ability to spit a grape.  Hurl that baby further than anyone else in the competition and you wine a delicious bottle of wine.

Spitting not your gig?  How about stomping on some grapes?  Feel the juicy goodness between your toes.  You've got thirty seconds to produce more juice than your competitors and again, you win a bottle of wine.

Too much spit and mush for you?  Still want that bottle of wine?  Then try the barrel rolling contest.  Grab a partner, link arms, and roll a wine barrel up the hill with your feet.  It's a cinch!

What makes the Fall Festival so much fun is the people. 

The people of the Corvette Club are always a welcome site at the festival.  Not only are they a fun-loving bunch, their cars serve as yet another attraction to the festival.  Reading the vanity plates is a riot!

Everyone's having a good time ~ no crabby people allowed!

Yep, that one on the left is indeed smoking a cigar.  I also caught a bachelorette on the verge starting a life of bliss with her new husband.  Her girlies took her to the festival for a wine fling. 

The attendees getting the most attention are the dogs.  All shapes and sizes.

Husby and I worked hard to present a nice booth and to offer fun things for you to peruse and buy.  But we also had to let our hair down when Mr. Contest Coordinator (hi Todd) taunted us into participating in one of the barrel races.  We didn't win, but we came in a close second. 

OK, not a cinch, but an awful lot of fun.

If you missed the Fall Festival at the Chateau St. Croix, fear not ~ they'll be hosting another spring festival in June.  I hope to see you there!

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