Thursday, September 02, 2010

There's Still Time ~ Five More Days To Go!

Not everyone loves the fair.  But all of these people do...

They come by the thousands, rain or shine.  I heard somewhere that Minnesota will always have a state fair just because of the nature of its people.  Michigan isn't even having a state fair this year!  I know a few people who would actually keel over and die if the Minnesota State Fair was canceled.  I know I would at least have a coronary.  It runs in the blood of many Minnesotans. 

Where else can you see a group of musical frogs?  (I love the groovy bongo frog!)

Or the most beautiful apples you've ever seen, grown right in the state where you live?

Who, other than dedicated Minnesotans, would be inspired to create a piece of art out of millions of little seeds and display their work for millions to see?  My favorites are ironic ones like this...

When you get a little weary you can relax on some fancy riding lawn mowers.

At the Minnesota State Fair you can hobnob with celebrities, and even pirates. 

FYI: after having my picture taken with the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow I found he had put his ruggedly handsome self on the Wall of Auntie B's Wax Facebook page and we have since become fast friends.  Ruthie is sorry she prefers Will Turner as he is nowhere to be seen at the State Fair.

The best thing about the State Fair is there are no losers.  I didn't make that up, it says so right here...

I'll be back to visit the fair a few more times and will be concentrating on food now that the temperatures have dropped a bit.  I have to admit it's hard to eat a lot when it's really hot.  Not only will I be eating things on my own, Ruthie and Ray are escorting me and Husby to a State Fair dive this week.  I can hardly wait!  You'll be hearing about it right here on my next Dive Night post.
Until then, get out and enjoy the fair!

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