Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another First

I've always been very verbal about my aversion to a stranger rubbing my naked body, i.e. massages. Lots of people have told me how much they love getting a massage once in a while. I would always tell them that is totally not for me.

Three months ago for my birthday I opened an envelope from Husby...gift certificates for not one but two massages.  I wanted to sound grateful, but dang it all, he knew I didn't want to ever have a massage.  He looked at me kindly and said, "you really need this."

I had my first massage.  And it was marvelous.  The best thing about it was, not only did it loosen up my tight muscles, it loosened up my tense and chaotic mind.  I'm so glad Husby gave me two gift certificates, because I'm totally going back for another. 

You'll have to excuse me now while I continue to completely relax...for a change.

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