Monday, November 22, 2010

My First Private Showing

This past weekend marked another first for Auntie B's Wax.  Thanks to the marvelous and generous Ruthie (of the famed Dive Night Ruthie and  Ray) my products were featured at a pre-holiday private shopping party.

Think Tupperware party without the burping. 

A bunch of ladies got together for some savory appetizers, sweet nibbles, and of course libations.  Then they went to town with some early Christmas shopping right in the comfort of Ruthie's house.  I offered a nice variety of winter/holiday-scented candles, bottle cap magnets, pulp fiction magnets, and the ever-popular bottle cap drink charms.


We all had a nice time and I can't thank Ruthie enough for giving me the opportunity to show my wares to her most discerning friends, who apparently took a liking to what I had to offer.

I'd like to extend more thanks to Deb, Deb, Sandy, Shannon, Leigh, Cary, Mari, and Ginny for attending the party and making it a lot of fun, and also for believing my handmade goodies to be fine enough to give as gifts this holiday season.  You guys made my weekend!

**Opening photo compliments of  Free Christmas Wallpapers.


Cheri said...

Sounds so fun and heartwarming !

Sara said...

Oh, it was much fun. I love mixing business with pleasure!

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