Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A List

1.  Being overwhelmed can sometimes be cured by a cup of hot chocolate, a lemon-blueberry scone, and the understanding of a very good friend.

2.  Once a hobby becomes a real live business everything changes.  For better?  For worse?  That's yet to be determined.  But I think it's mostly for better.

3.  Sometimes a computer can suck the life right out of you.  Just because technology is available doesn't mean you have to be connected to it at all times. 

4.  Nike never spoke a more truer truth than when they told us to Just Do It.  It's the answer to all accomplishments.

5.  There is nothing real about the housewives.  Claw your way out of the vortex of spoiled shrews.

6.  You know you're getting older when the first thing on your Christmas wish list is a little hand fan you can tuck away in your purse to use at a moment's notice, several times a day.

7.  More parents should use cloth diapers on their babies.  They're better for the environment and the babies are potty trained much earlier. 

8.  Santa, snowmen, elves, and especially doorbuster department store sales should not make an appearance until Thanksgiving.

9.  If there has to be such a thing as daylight savings time it should only be during the summer months.  Those of us who enjoy reverse seasonal affective disorder (a preference for the darker hours) are getting ripped off.

10.  Sometimes a paper chain really helps ~ even if it consists of over 1800 links.

1 comment:

snsnsnsibility said...

I haven't said hi in a while, Auntie B, but I loved your list and can totally sympathize with a lot of your items! I hope you are doing well!

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