Thursday, November 18, 2010

Breathe Deep

Sometimes you can see the life you want to live, but have no idea how to achieve it.  Worse still is knowing how to achieve it but not having the capacity to move toward the dream.

What do you do when you can picture it all but stand stagnant at the thought of making the changes? 

There are people around me who are going through some pretty heavy times lately.  Some brush them aside hoping that they will just go away if ignored.  Others are so burdened with the weight of things thrust upon them their spirits are crushed, their hope is just a sliver of light they can barely see.

Their sense of direction is confused by the darkness that surrounds them ~ a suffocating blindness.  There is so much to tend to, but where does one start if one can't see anything but everything?

The feeling of being overwhelmed by things like grief, responsibility, commitment, or anger is enough to make a person just let the darkness envelope them.  The fight is too much like treading water in a violent storm at sea.  It's easier to just give in and let the cold, black water have its way.

When your head spins and thoughts race through your brain take a moment to sit and breathe deep.  Remember yourself.  If the things that overwhelm you didn't exist, what would you be doing?  Then take some time away from the demands of all that is consuming you and enjoy yourself, even if it's only for ten minutes.  Do something that has nothing to do with what is required of you.  Think of something that has nothing to do with the matters of your emotional turmoils.

They call it clearing your head.  No, a cluttered and confused head can't be cleared instantly.  But bit by bit, minute by minute, the more time you put into clearing your head the more you will be able to overcome the more dreadful aspects of your mind, body, and life in general.  Bit by bit, minute by minute.

Take the time to remove yourself from the chaos.  Before too long that little sliver of light called hope becomes brighter and creates a clearer path for you.  Soon enough you will see the light and the things that overwhelm you will be brought back down to size.  And the life you imagined, the one that used to be so unreachable, will finally be the life you live.

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