Monday, December 13, 2010


If you're looking for lively and upbeat, today is not the day to be visiting Auntie B's blog.  Sorry to all you perkies out there. 

The weekend stunk.  Too much conflict and too many hormones. 

1.  The weekend started out with the threat of a blizzard, which I thought was a huge fake put on by the weather people just to get our attention, because even by 10:00 Friday night there was no snow flying around.

2.  The weather people were not faking and we ended up getting seventeen inches.  Normally this would not be a problem for me, but I had places to go and this snow was putting a damper on things.

3.  All day Saturday I toiled over whether or not Husby and I should travel to Superior, WI to visit Paenney the next day, a trip that had been planned for quite a while.  Paenney just started college and we wanted to pay a visit and get a tour of his new home away from home, take him out for a good lunch, and load him up with some goodies for finals.  Plus I wanted to visit Lu::Handmade Goodness, a shop in Superior at which I consign.  It was going to be a very fun-filled and action-packed day.  The snow kept falling and blowing, falling and blowing.

4.  The weatherman promised the snow would stop by Sunday, our planned travel date, but that the blizzard conditions would continue to the next day in the form of blowing snow and subzero temperatures.  I finally put in a call to Paenney late Saturday afternoon saying we couldn't come.  Despite the snowfall ceasing, there was still the seventeen inches of fallen snow to deal with.  As promised the temperature plummeted, winds picked up and our trusty weatherman warned against unncessary travel.  But visiting Paenney IS necessary, I thought. 

5.  However, once I spoke with Paenney and made the decision to disappoint us all by not traveling I felt a little less confounded by the situation, but then I was overwrought with disappointment.  Husby couldn't figure out why I was walking around the house aimlessly, crying.  After a day of watching the weather forecasts and trying to make the decision whether to travel or not, then caving in to Mother Nature and her wrath of fury...well, it was just all too much for me.  Plus I'm at an age where everything makes me cry, and the things that would make a normal person cry are exponentially exaggerated in a person with my state of hormonal confusion.

6.  Our day of travel turned into a day of snow removal.  Removal?  Where do you put that much snow?  We figured it out for our house, and then off I went to my parents' house to help them out.  Charlotte, Pinky, and Fojo were also there to help.  Many hands make quick work and all that.  I'm just going to sum up that experience with a prayer ~ Please, dear God, when the time comes and I am older and less capable, let me quietly accept the help of others despite their different ways and time schedules.  My parents were very grateful for the help they received and treated us all to a delicious Carbone's pizza.

7.  I forgot to do laundry through all the hoo-ha of the blizzard and was stuck with doing it on Sunday night.  I got to bed way too late and then had to get up in the freezing dark morning at 5:00 a.m. and go to the day job, which is enough to make me want to take a fork and stab myself repeatedly.

8.  While sitting at my day job desk I realized I forgot the bag of goodies on the table at home.  Goodies made to help welcome a new member to our work unit.  So dang it, now I have to go to Jerabek's and buy something for our little welcoming party.  OK, I'll admit that everyone will probably enjoy Jerebek's goodies much more than they would mine, but that's beside the point.  Down-trodden, disheveled, and unorganized ~ that's me and it bums me out.

So here I am, emotionally exhausted, cold, and way too out of shape to be trudging through this much snow.  As cranky as I am over the outcome of this past weekend, I'm really grateful we'll be having a white Christmas, that everyone I care about survived the blizzard without incident.  I'm also grateful that I can start all over this week and hope for much better outcomes than I've had the last three days. 

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